These legendary bird Pokemon Nanoblocks are pretty cute


They’re roughly $15 each

I completely forgot Nanoblocks existed (which is easy to do since they’re based and mostly sold out of Japan), but after 30 minutes of research I kind of want a bunch of them. I’m sure our kid will grow up crafting tons of Lego-esque creations, and I’m absolutely positive that I’m going to pepper in some gaming sets here and there.

This trio of Pokemonlegendary birds (Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno) is pretty much perfect. Coming in at roughly $15 each (1,620 yen) you can pre-order them off Amazon Japan, which are set for an April 30 release date.

There is no shortage of Pokemon-themed merch anywhere in the world! Eat your heart out, parents (thankfully not mine) and teachers that said it would be a fad in the late ’90s.

Zapdos [Amazon via Nintendo Soup]