These N64 spine labels look like a godsend


US gamers are in luck

Organizing loose Nintendo 64 game cartridges is a problem, but is it a $20 problem?

That’s how much one Etsy seller is charging for a solution: spine labels! “[T]hey peel off with NO sticker residue left behind,” according to seller AfterMidnightps. “These stickers are machine cut out and are ready for you to peel them off and put them on your games!”

All told, there’s 296 labels, enough to cover the “complete US set” of N64 titles. If you’re paranoid that your more obscure games will be left out, click through to the Etsy page for a full list.

Here’s how the labels look before they’re applied:

Nintendo N64 cartridge spine top end labels – all U.S. games [Etsy via Nintendroid]