These official furry Sonic Xbox controllers will get gross real quick


Yes, they are real

The marketing for the Sonic 2 movie is going hard on the relationship and rivalry of Sonic and Knuckles (I just bought some “versus” muffin cakes for my daughter this week!), and that includes these new furry Sonic Xbox controllers.

Yep! They’re an official real thing, and an executive, Marcos Waltenberg, director of Xbox Global Partnerships, as part of their job, has announced furry controllers. Technically, they’re “Sonic Blue and Knuckles Red” controllers, and to get them you’ll have to win a contest. That includes tweeting “#XboxSonic2Sweepstakes,” or using Microsoft Rewards points (remember those?) to enter. You can find all the details here if these things speak to you on a spiritual level.

The approximate retail value of the Series S is $240, and the furry controllers add up to $118 approximately. Personally, I don’t think you can put a price on Xbox-branded Cookie Monster and Elmo fur. My guess? They didn’t want to put these things up for sale in the mass market because there’s be too many unsalvageable returns. I’m not gonna lie though: I’d be tempted to get one for the novelty value.

You can also win a “customized black Xbox Series S,” which features a gold ring and images of Sonic and Knuckles pasted on it. But we all know the real prize is the set of furry Sonic Xbox controllers. If you win, make sure and preserve those babies! Touching them will instant make them wet and full of grease.