These Persona 4: Dancing All Night remixes are hot!


But I still prefer the originals

I’m sure most Atlus fans would agree one of the Persona series’ greatest strengths is its music.

The studio’s in-house composer Shogi Meguro and his crew do brilliant work, which makes the idea of an entire game dedicated to their anthems so attractive. Within moments of hearing a Persona song I’m transported to a specific time and place, as the beats and melodies are so closely entwined with my memories of stories and characters that I’ve grown to love.

These new renditions in Persona 4: Dancing All Night are interesting, though. I’m not sure I prefer them to the originals — it must be difficult to iterate on perfection — but I still find it really enjoyable to listen to something that’s simultaneously familiar and foreign at the same time.

Maybe they’ll grow on me. Perhaps I’ll eventually prefer some of the remixes to the original tracks. I’m already growing pretty fond of the “Signs of Love” (TK Remix), so I guess anything’s possible.

One thing’s for sure, though. I can’t wait to get my hands on the game when it drops September 29.