These Persona and Seinfeld mashups never get old



“Perseinfeld” is a joke that’s been running for quite some time, but it hasn’t really gotten old yet. Folks all over the world have mashed up Persona 4and Seinfeldto great success, mostly due to the absurd nature of the show and its limitless plotlines.

The music is really what makes it, and with the constant shifting of relationships, there’s a ton of possibilities. This Kramer and Velvet Room mashup, complete with a fetch quest,is one of my favorites.

LegoMan1203[YouTube via Kotaku]

Kramer thinks that “Push-mo on the Wii U” is a new gangster rap. George goes around his office stealing women’s QR codes for Tomodachi Life.

— Video Game Seinfeld (@SeinfeldGames) June 21, 2014