These videos from Platinum could very well be teasing Bayonetta 3


Thrice as nice

A certain amount of restraint is required when analyzing teasers (or what we think might be teasers) for unofficial projects. It’s easy to let the imagination run wild connecting dots that might be nothing more than coincidence or red herrings. That’s especially true for something as widely longed for as another Bayonetta sequel.

Today, Platinum uploaded a series of Bayonettaclips that each play three times before the video is over. It’s just a bunch of voiced dialogue, like her saying “Now it’s time to be naughty” and “Don’t fuck with a witch.” As a reddit user points out, these videos were posted to supplement this article on Platinum’s site where it seems like Bayonetta teaches english. There’s no obvious answer as to why they all loop three times.

In this instance, the notion these are teasers are actually teasersis helped along by recent circumstance. Platinum has been on a roll lately, porting the original Bayonettato PC and seemingly ready to do the same with Vanquish. Also, we’re at that pre-E3 time of the year when these sorts of things tend to materialize.

So maybe don’t read too far into these videos and convince yourself that Bayonetta 3is going to happen. But we can’t blame you if you do. The heart wants what the heart wants.

PlatinumGames Inc. [YouTube via reddit]