They're still making Kinect games!


Well I’ll be

2015 was the year I packed up my Kinect for good.

The device wasn’t getting enough use — certainly not for controller-free Xbox One menu navigation, which I never grew accustomed to, and rarely if ever for gaming. I got one of the older Just Dance games on sale and for a while there, it was silly fun. But if I ever feel the urge to dance to “Rich Girl,” I can just bust a groove on my own, free of the camera’s gaze and spacial requirements.

In recent months, our Kinect coverage on Destructoid has mostly related to things like gesture recognition and, no joke, shopping. Where are the new games? Well, actually, here’s one.

Beatsplosion revolves around the same punching, ducking, and side-stepping we’ve seen in prior Kinect titles but, in a slightly more interesting twist, it flows to music. That’s something. Today is release day (it’s $12.99 on Xbox Live) and this is my first time hearing about it.

The developer, Virtual Air Guitar Company, seems to have found a niche. Its past several games (Squid Hero, Boom Ball, Kung-Fu High Impact) have also been Kinect-focused.

Someone must be playing this stuff, but who?