Thimbleweed Park is coming to Nintendo Switch next week


That’s soon-a-reno!

I’m glad point-and-click adventures still exist, and I’m glad Ron Gilbert is still making them, especially when they spoof X-Files and feature a chronically cursing clown.

It seems like only yesterday Gilbert was giving us a vague clue about what might be in store for Thimbleweed Park, and now it’s arriving on the Switch next week. They grow up so fast!

If you’re not sure ifThimbleweed Park is the game for you, publisher Terrible Toybox has a handy quiz to help you find out:

  • Do you still feel guilty about microwaving a hamster in Maniac Mansion?
  • Would you know what to say if someone suggested that you fight like a dairy farmer?
  • Do you have no idea what those last two questions are about, but love stuff like Twin Peaks, the X-Files, Stranger Things, jokes, puzzles, and vacuum tubes?

Our review can also help if you’re still on the fence. In it, Kevin wrote that “the developers succeeded brilliantly, creating a game that feels like a forgotten relic of LucasArts’ heyday, but with enough touches to make it a little more relevant to a modern audience.”

Thimbleweed Park will be available in the Nintendo eShopon September 21 for $19.99 and will support handheld, tabletop, and TV modes. According to the official Thimbleweed ParkTwitter, mobile releases are set too with iOS coming out September 19 and Android following on October 3.