Things are about to get complicated for Rock Band 4


What the hell?

Do you not like my girlfriend? Do you think I need a new one? Well, for your information prospective reader, I don’t even have a girlfriend. Oh, I made myself sad. Anyway, Rock Band 4 is getting a trio of songs from everyone’s favorite faux-goth rocker girl, Avril Lavigne.

Priced at $2 each or in a combo for $5.50, the pack includes her original hit, “Complicated,” along with “My Happy Ending” (ha) and “What the Hell.” You can even see a trailer of these songs in action, if you feel like starting your day off wrong. I know the only reason I clicked the video is to link it here.

I’m more surprised that “Complicated” even had harmonies in the vocals, or how Harmonix felt it necessary to include that feature over the keyboard from 3. Regardless, now we can be Sk8er Boi’s and sing See ya later Boi’s…and um…you know, I surprisingly don’t know any of her other songs. I wanted to make jokes, but her career is just kind of sad.

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