Third annual charity Mega Man-athon will be at MAGFest


You rock, Rockmen

The Half Empty E-Tank is running its third Mega Man-ahton event, which will take place at this year’s main MAGFest convention. It’s set for January 23 at 12:00PM EST, and will run for 72-hours as it raises money for Child’s Play.

There will be prizes in tow, and guest appearances from around the industry. If you’re at MAGFest consider stopping by, it’s for a great cause.

HalfEmptyEnergyTank [Twitch via Rockman Corner]

In honor of all the sitting that’s going to happen compliments of the participants, here’s a poem.

Nobody sits like Rockman players sit. You rock, Rockmen. The rock fans just sit and are. You show us how to just sit, and that’s what we need.