This 70-year-old Pokemon Go fan is living his best life


He mastered the multi-phone technique

Once I’m well into retirement age, will I still keep up with video games (whatever they might look like by then)? Will I live in the countryside with four large dogs and spend my afternoons on jigsaw puzzles? I don’t know what the future holds, but stories like this keep me thinking positive thoughts.

As reported by EBC News, a 70-year-old man in Taiwan has become a real-life Pokémon Go master.

This warms my heart. He’s staying active, he’s genuinely dedicated to a hobby he enjoys, and he’s bolstering other players’ enjoyment in the process. Yep, he is absolutely out there living his best life.

Young, old, or middle-aged, I don’t care — this setup is impressive. I can barely get Spotify to cooperate with me while riding my bike. Meanwhile, this guy’s out here with upwards of nine devices.

Multiple phones playing Pokemon Go on a bike

Our own Chris Carter says that during the height of Pokémon Go fever, his town had a local legend: a retiree in his 70s who “drove a Ferrari to gyms and boasted that he ‘never spent a dollar on the game.’”

I live for this stuff. Have any similar warm-‘n’-fuzzy stories of elderly gaming?

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