This bebop rendition of the Sonic 3 continue music proves that Persona 5 singer Lyn can cover anything


Escape from the City was the obvious one, this is way crazier

Did you ever expect someone really talented to cover the Sonic 3 continue music? Me neither! But that’s just what Persona 5 singer Lyn Inaizumi did, as part of the “Continue – 30th Sessions Version” album, which covers classic Sonic songs.

We already got a taste of Lyn’s version of Escape from the City, which was a smart song to put out in front as one of the marquee parts of this project. But the Sonic 3 continue music is definitely a more left-field pick.

While this track is burned in my brain from playing tons of Sonic 3 as a kid, Lyn re-imagines it (with an arrangement by Jun Sonoue) with a vocal bebop jazz style song in a way that still sounds faithful, and extremely Lyn.

At this point they seem to have a good rapport with Lyn, and I think she should just become a fixture of future Sonic games. While the jury is out on Sonic Frontiers, running around an open world with chill music like this is something I can easily get into.

It would be funny if this was actually in Sonic 3: you’d kind of want the time to run out just to hear and respect the entire song!

Sonic 3 continue music Lyn cover:

Sonic 3 original: