This bizarre Zelda: Breath of the Wild short reminds us of its pure role-playing potential


‘Link’s Cube Delivery Service’

Let me set the mood.

So you’re just hanging out, chilling in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Maybe you’re waiting for work to start. Maybe you’re playing atwork. Either way, you don’t have a lot of time to start a shrine, so you just mess around. Then something catastrophic happens. For Redditor FieldExplores, you use those opportunities to make banana-flavored lemonade, using the tears of the Yiga clan as seasoning.

In this lovely little carefree video titled “Link’s Cube Delivery Service,” FieldExplores is hanging out, delivering cubes to those who need it, then a Yiga clan member threatens to mess up their day. No worries! Cubes can solve all problems.

In case you haven’t seen an object procession like this, FieldExplores explains it in their post: “With the cubes, I just lined them up, stood on one end, used magnesis on the furthest one and pulled it towards me. It can be hit or miss as the connection would occasionally break for no reason and it did not like slopes.”

The bit at the end is the best part, though. What a waste! I’ve done something similar so many times, trying to queue up this amazing Rube Golberg-like contraption, only to have it all fall apart (or straight-up not work). The physics system isn’t foolproof!

Link’s Cube Delivery Service from r/Breath_of_the_Wild