This cinematic take on Doom isn't nearly as bad as the last one


That was Rock Bottom

Ten years ago, I was swindled into going to the movie theater to watch Doom, a movie about a game that I grew up loving. It was abysmal. The bad taste is still in my mouth, even though I don’t remember much about the film. All I recall is that it was in no way what I wanted from a Doomflick.

The bar is mighty low, but this cinematic take on Doomis miles better. This minute-long trailer is another cog in the marketing machine leading up to the May 13 release of the new Doom video game. The music grates and there’s no rocket launcher, but it’s kind of neat seeing a CG Baron of Hell.

If you’re not content watching and would rather play, there’s an opportunity for that too. Doom‘s closed multiplayer beta takes place this weekend. If you aren’t already in, just head over to GameStopfor a code that will grant you access.