This Code Vein boss fight looks decent enough


It’s nice to see uninterrupted footage

Code Vein has been bouncing on and off my radar for a while now. That doesn’t really change today with this boss fight playthrough from IGN. It’s still a dodge-roll-heavy action-RPG with some vampiric stuff going on that’s very clearly taking cues from Souls and Boodborne. Yes, yes, and yes.

The execution isn’t up to those high standards, though, and the anime stylings aren’t necessarily to my taste either. That said, the game comes across as looking generally all right.

I like that the helper character is named Louis. That’s real good. I’m also a fan of the bizarrely-worded but somehow apt victory message, “Greater Lost was Dispersed.” I could do without that music, though.

Code Vein isn’t out until 2018, so there’s plenty of time left for Bandai Namco and Shift to win me over.

Code Vein: All Our Newest Info – IGN First [IGN]