This crazy Spider-Man PS4 video has a skillful Zelda: Breath of the Wild madness to it


The floor is lava

“Finally did it,”LobokVonZuben exclaims in a new Spider-Man PS4 stunt video.Yeah, I can see that!

Look, in the past five years or so, what I call “stunt videos” have been some of my favorite clips from the gaming community. No commentary? Check. Short and sweet? Check. Typically filled with gasp-worthy skilled moments? Oh you better believe that’s a check.

LobokVonZuben managed to finish off an entire Olympus Hideout without touching the ground. That’s a 309x combo folks! The entire clip is roughly seven minutes long of this player kicking ass while they remain aerial the entire time. Now there’s some close calls, but this clip really makes me want to boot up Spider-Managain. Back in 2018 I talked about how imperative speed was in this game’s combat system, and I still stand by it.

[Video] [Spider-Man] Finally did it. An entire Olympus base defeated without touching the ground! 309x Combo (replaced link with embedded video) from r/PS4