This custom Pokemon Go Pokedex battery pack is awesome


I’ve made use of my chargers like whoa

I thankfully already had three backup batteries for my mobile device that I use for traveling, but I know a lot of people who bought them specifically for Pokemon Go in the past few weeks. Or, you could be like this ingenious artist, and create your own Pokedex-style battery case.

Granted it does get highly technical as the instructions do assume that you have a basic understanding of dealing with electrical work (even if they call it “minimalist”), but even so — I know a few of you out there can handle the task, and the finished product looks pretty awesome. Its creator even added in the files you need to print it yourself.

I’d love to go through all this effort honestly and give making one a try, if the game consistently worked for me. Nothing is worse than having it work, driving out to a spot just to play it, and having it go down.

Pokedex [Sparkfun]