This Dark Souls figure is kind of cute


Gecco’s SDCC 2017 exclusive

Crazy armor designs are my favorite staple of the fantasy genre, so of course I had to post about Gecco’s upcoming Siegmeyer figure. I haven’t played Dark Souls so I can only assume he is a very fat man inside that fat suit of armor. It honestly looks like the Michelin Man banged an oil drum.

This is a 1/6 scale figure by Gecco, a relatively new name among figure makers. I haven’t seen this one in person, but judging by the Gecco figures I have seen, it’s a safe bet that this will be intricately detailed. The promo photos certainly look excellent.

If the 37 cm height and paint job weren’t enough, this figure also features real chain mail and a sculpted head inside the helmet. All of this painstaking attention to detail will cost you US$299. You can pre-order from Gecco to pick up at San Diego Comic-Con starting July 20. If you can’t attend the event, you can pre-order from online retailer Amiami for delivery in October.

On the fence? Check out the rest of the promo shots in the gallery below!