This Dark Souls x Mario Odyssey video is the right amount of silly


Another excuse to hear that wonderful new Mario song

Some of you are going to leave this video scratching your head, but it’s precisely my kind of silly.

I think the description from creator JellyElite~ sells it accurately: “Decided to kind of [emphasis mine] recreate the Super Mario Odyssey trailer. Don’t know why, but goddamn if it wasn’t a bunch of fun.”

Credit where credit is due: a not-insignificant part of the charm here is the infectious “Jump Up, Super Star!” track from Odyssey. Gosh that song has grown on me. I mean, I liked it from the start, but now I’m full-on obsessed. And while this video didn’t crack me up, it was light and fluffy. That’s all I needed.

[Via NeoGAF]