This elaborate Metroid LEGO set could become a reality


Enough people need to support it, then the powers that be need to approve it

Another Nintendo fan-created LEGO set cometh! And it’s not guaranteed to stick. But in the meantime, we can lookat it.

Community creatorL-DI-EGO crafted this fantastic looking Metroidset, capped off by the centerpiece of Samus’ ship. They’ve cleverly baked in a sort of “stretch goal” scheme to their project as well. Since it debuted, Ridley was revealed as part of the set, with more products to be unveiled at different supporter milestones. Those have swiftly been met!

For those of you who don’t know the drill, this set is being previewed by way of a “LEGO Ideas” thinktank, where creators post their own designs for a chance to become official products. They need to garner fan support first and foremost, then the IP holders (as well as LEGO) need to give the final say-so.

With actual Nintendo LEGO kits hitting stores this past year, there’s a far bigger chance for projects to actually succeed going forward than before. But Nintendo still has the final say: at the very least, we can admire this in image form. You can find a Q&A breakdown from the creator below that illuminates a few of these aforementioned hurdles.

Metroid: Samus Arans’ Gunship [LEGO Ideas]


  • Is this project a response to the LEGO Super Mario license?

This build was designed back in December 2019 for other purposes that now they have just gone. It was never intended to be an Ideas project, actually. I have no idea if theSuper Mariolicensed theme may have a positive or negative impact in the evaluation, performance or outcome of this project.

  • Which Metroid game tittle is represented in this project?

The project takes reference of multiple games:

  1. The ship itshelf is based on the most popular model, first seen in“Metroid II: Return of Samus”, later used in subsequent games until the opening scene of“Metroid Fusion”.
  2. The general shape and some play features are also inspired from the concept art designs from“Metroid: Other M”.
  3. The minifigure design is based on the concept art from“Metroid: Samus Returns”, which features the character’s most up to date representation.
  4. The Zebesian Space Pictures seen in the main pictures are based on the designs from“Metroid: Zero Mission”, as well as the retro artwork from“Super Metroid”. Other variants from other games can be seen in the Updates tab.
  • Can you add more iconic elements from the series?

Some extra items may be included at certain milestones, but keep in mind they can also increase the cost of the final product.

  • How many bricks are used in this project?
  • 948 pieces aprox. are used for Samus Aran’s Gunship
  • 124 pieces aprox. are used for Ridley
  • 87 pieces aprox. are used for the bonus content
  • This numbers may change in further updates.
  • What program do you use?
  1. LEGO Digital Designerfor the built model.
  2. Inkscapefor the graphic designs.
  3. MecabricksandBlenderfor the final pictures.