This fan made hand painted Monster Hunter Switch should inspire a lot of potential crafters out there


I wish I could paint something this beautiful

Look, some people are just born crafty.

My wife built a lazy Susan contraption for us to play the Marvel Unitedboard game with, and I kind of just sat there, stunned, the entire time. That deer in the headlights expression is exactly how I’d look if I watched dr_kelga of Reddit hand paint this customMonster Hunterthemed Switch.

The creator says they used stencils, paint, a matte clear coat varnish, and masking tape to finish their project. It’s actually super involved, as evidenced by the creation video linked below. They even dissembled and reassembled most of the components!

“Just” the Switch is kind of a misnomer, too. They also managed to tag the Switch dock, as well as a Pro Controller and a Joy-Con Charging Grip. I love the classy photo too, with the wood surface, theMonster Hunter Risecase in plain view, and the sneaky Magnamalo amiibo.

I will probably never achieve this level of crafting nirvana, but I want to. The step-by-step video gives me hope.

I painted my Switch Monster Hunter themed [Reddit]