This Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword clock has alarm music from the game (Update)


With five songs

[Update: The Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword clock is now up for pre-order in the US. It’s $199.99. The US listing also provides more info on the clock, including its USB type-C connector, an LED screen that has three brightness settings, three volume settings, a lack of snooze function, and five minute auto-stop limit.]

You can wake up with Sephiroth and friends with this Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword clock, which features music from the game. What better way to start your day than immediately remembering that [Aeris] is dead?

In addition to featuring five songs (One-Winged Angel, Fight On [the battle theme], the main theme, the Airbuster boss theme, and Aeris/Aerith’s theme), it’ll also swap colors and features dots that double as “materia” inside of the Buster Sword: like the remake.

The clock itself is cool, but pricey, and you have that Square Enix tax on top. The orientation is a bit awkward, but with the right bedside table, I can see it being readable when you’re first waking up. After that you’d probably have to shift it around! In any case people who play First Soldier and are eagerly awaiting the next FF7 Remake part could probably immerse themselves in this world even easier with a wake-up tune every morning.

With the Final Fantasy VII Remake still making waves, it seems like the perfect time to capture nostalgia and new fans with all this merch like the Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword clock. You can find the listing here on the Japanese Square Enix store. Currently it’s going for 21,780 yen with tax, which is roughly $188 USD, and will ship on September 17, 2022. The dimensions are W238mm×D100mm×H340mm.

『ファイナルファンタジーVII リメイク』から、バスターソード型のデジタルクロックが登場!通常モードではLED表示面が流れるように色が変わっていき、アラームセット時、セットした曲によってマテリア部と時刻面の色が固定表示されます。#ファイナルファンタジー #FF #FF7R

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