This Gigantamax Froslass isn't official, but it should be



Game Freak has been musing with the “forms” concept for a while now in Pokemon: allowing them to break out of their aesthetic comfort zone but still give fans familiar creatures. We saw it to an extreme with ‘mons likeDeoxys, and to a tempered extent with mechanics like Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax forms in the most recent entry (when in doubt, just make everything huge).

So about Gigantamax: I came across thisFroslass design and thought “wait a minute, I don’t remember using that one.”The design is actually fan created from an artist who goes by the name of June Buns. They say the original work was created for a competition in a Pokemon Discord they are a part of, and I don’t think I’m out of turn to say it has a good chance of winning.

Froslass, which came into creation all the way back in 2006, hasn’t ever been a part of my main team: in fact, it’s not a Pokemon I really even think about often. This art changes that history a bit. June Buns has a lot of other Nintendo and non-Nintendo works on their Instagram if you dig it!

June Buns [Instagram via Reddit]

[Image used with artist permission]