This Halloween trailer for Little Nightmares II got me to pick up the first game


I couldn’t say no while Little Nightmares is only $5

Where would you rank Little Nightmares among horror-tinged platformers?

I’ve been contemplating cracking it open while the fall mood is in full effect, and this Halloween trailer for Little Nightmares II is nudging me in that direction. I don’t want to jump straight into the sequel for lore reasons, and… what’s that? It’s on sale for five bucks on the PlayStation Store? Okay fine, I’m in.

In an ideal world, Little Nightmares II would be out this month for maximum spookiness, but Tarsier is holding off until February 11, at which point the sequel will launch on all of the current consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X editions won’t show up until later in 2021, and when they do, Bandai Namco will have a free upgrade path for PS4 and Xbox One players.

Also, it’s interesting to see Little Nightmares II get such an extravagant collector’s edition – I didn’t necessarily realize people were that into this series. The Mokujin mask collectible is cute and creepy.

I’m rooting for this one (and also Little Hope). The trailer is hitting the right notes for me.