This Kaizo Mario World speedrun stresses me out


It’s hard to watch and yet I can’t look away

“This is what happens when a very sadistic person gets ahold of a level editor.”

Some of us get a huge kick out of watching strangers overcome the odds in near-impossible games, and as far as those go, Kaizo Mario World (or Asshole Mario) is relatively well-known. Mean-spirited ROM hacks of Super Mario World make for damn good YouTube, it turns out.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for Dram55’s speedrun to show up in the Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 feed and now that it’s here, I’m struggling to sit still while the madness unfolds. It’s like watching that episode of Hannibal with the sewn-together bodies. “What the? OH GOD, NO!

Bonus: here’s that deathless Kaizo Mario run Dram mentioned at the end of the stream.