This Last of Us Part II concept art would look great on your wall or your desktop


Just a girl and her dog (and her horse) (and her gun)

With The Last of Us Part IIhaving slipped even further into 2020, there’s a shortage of apocalyptic survival on our PlayStation 4 hard drives. However, maybe our wall space can pick up the slack.

Official Last of Us Part IIconcept art from Naughty Dog artist John Sweeney has been printed in limited production and made available to buy. For the most part, they’re surprisingly placid and tranquil. Only one shot, “Hunting in the Woods,” has imminent confrontation and the threat through the scope could be nothing more than a deer.

These prints run approximately $100 each and are limited in quantities of fewer than 100. Retailer Cook and Becker calls them “museum-grade,” assuredly meaning they’re high quality. Anyone who wants to purchase one can add some framing options to protect the art — but it obviously jacks up the price.

For anyone whose blood this is too rich for — What do I look like, The Louvre?? — go ahead and check out all four prints in the gallery below. Maybe download one and set it as your desktop background. Hold it as a symbol of hope for a bright future for Ellie. Hold it as a symbol of hope that the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow in February and The Last of Us Part IIgets delayed for another two months.

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