This Legend of Zelda 2D animation is stunning


Go Link go

As I’ve said time and time again, the Zeldacommunity is so plentiful, and so full of talented individuals, that on any given week a masterpiece is made. I think this 2D animation fromXabier Urrutia is this week’s champion.

It’s a brief clip but we get to see Link approach what is presumably Death Mountain, fight a few baddies, and then walk away like the hero he is. Previously they had worked on Ocarina of Time boss art, but now they’ve delved into the realm of 2D flip book style animation. It’s all gorgeous.

According to the animator it only took them two days to craft it, and future iterations will include Link grasping his sword in the “correct hand.” Also, apparently they had the music video for “Take on Me” in their head the entire time they were making it.

Same: now I want a mashup with a longer animation.

xabier.u [Instagram]

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