This Mega Man 11 8-bit Block Man remix rocks, man


Pump up the Bass

Tater-Tot Tunes has low key been putting out some great 8-bit game music remixes since 2007, and their most recent piece: Block Man’s stage from Mega Man 11, caught my attention.Originally composed by Marika Suzuki (sound designer at Capcom) it also sings in 8-bit, a realization that has me even more excited to hear the rest of the soundtrack proper.

If you’re curiousMega Man 11 has a demo out right now featuring none other than Block Man’s stage, so you can do the whole comparison thing yourself. Capcom has been riding the wave of positive word of mouth for some time now since E3 (once everyone got their hands on it), and the culmination of all of that work will be put to the test in less than a month.

Mega Man 11 launches on October 2 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.