This might be the best Days Gone trailer yet


A whole new world

“You’re not a tourist here,” a narrator chides before launching into a two-minute tour of the world of Days Gone.

That’s the goal of Days Gone‘s latest trailer: To familiarize yourself with the landscape of Sony’s upcoming zombie survival story ahead of its April 26 launch. It’s beautiful in a way. The desolate canyons and ravaged towns are so perfectly hopeless. There’s a lot of open road for biking and thinking. The locales — like mass graves and survivor camps — hold promise that they can hold interest.

Most of Days Gonethat we’ve seen in the past two-and-a-half years concerns itself with boasting over how many zombies it can put on-screen at once. That might be impressive, but it’s not particularly compelling. Bigger hordes are whatever. A world worth surviving in is far more integral. That’s why this very well might be the best Days Gone trailer yet.