This My Nintendo Christmas ornament came at a perfect time


You can also get greeting cards

Nintendo keeps adding new rewards to their My Nintendo site. I can’t hold them all!

The newest additions are a cute Mario ornament for 800 Platinum Points, as well as a set of three greeting cards (Mario, Peach, Bowser) for 300 Platinum Points. The ornament doesn’t look very cheap either and seems fairly robust for something you can get for free (plus shipping).

If you want them but are utterly confused, here’s a few tips if you’ve never ordered from My Nintendo before. If you’re looking to get both, order them at the same time. That way, you can combine the shipping costs into one package. This is a great way to grab a bunch of cheaply-costed items like the 300-point Xenobladesticker sheets.

Also, remember that we have a running guide of how to get quick My Nintendo points. If you want the ornament but have literally started from zero, by signing up and playing a few hours of Fire Emblem Heroes(which is a free download), you’ll have enough to cover the 800 platinum.

Spread holiday cheer with new physical rewards featuring Mario and friends [My Nintendo]

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