This near-official DuckTales and Castlevania art mashup came at the perfect time


Castlevania is getting a rebirth and DuckTales Season 2 hits soon

Castlevania is making a comeback. Requiem is due on the PS4 next week. The second season of the Netflix show is out just in time for Halloween. Oh, and the series is making a splash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All we don’t have, it seems, is a brand new game.

Before we speculate about any of that, Vince Aparo, an artist for the modern DuckTales series paid homage to Castlevaniajust this past week with a mash-up rendition of the art for the original NES game.In case you’re wondering, that’s DuckTalesbaddieMagica De Spell as Dracula and the lovable goof Launchpad McQuack as Simon Belmont. Just in case, Aparo reminds us that this is an “unofficial non-canon illustration.”

This is the part where I tell you to watch the new DuckTales because it’s fantastic. It debuted last year and the second season just kicked off today!

Since Ducktales season 2 is approaching, I thought I’d share an unofficial non-canon illustration I did last year. I love Castlevania, almost as much as I love Ducktales 🎩🦆🧛‍♂️

— Vince Aparo (@mrvinceaparo) October 16, 2018