This new Elden Ring story trailer makes the wait for it more annoying


The beta period was too short

From Software games often excel at providing an understated story throughput to latch onto, and this new Elden Ring story trailer is looking to reinforce that history.

With George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki involved you can expect this one to be a little heavier on the lore, and that’s just what we get with this roughly three and a half minute video. We also get some classic anime badassery from General Radahn (“Conqueror of the Stars”), who has two giant swords and can make the earth quake in their wake (and apparently goes Super Saiyan!). Miquella losing their arm in a fight and not even flinching is pretty badass too.

I can’t stress enough how much fun I had with the beta, and how annoyed I was when it was taken away. But there were a lot of things I took for granted. The story, for one! The beta session didn’t really dive too deep into that front, providing cryptic teases (as it should) and ominous flavor text. But this clip gives us a sense of the bigger picture, which could be one of From Software’s strongest efforts yet.

At the end, publisher Bandai Namco reconfirms the February 25, 2022 release date. I know it seems like a given, but these days, it’s not! Every time we see a date it’s a calming effect that it hasn’t been further delayed. Based on the universally positive reception from the feedback, it looks like the fundamentals are good to go. It’s just a matter of whether or not everything else is come February.