This new Mario board game looks-a bad


Level up!

There have been a lot of video games turned board games recently, and some (XCOM, This War of Mine) have turned out okay. But when I first saw Super Mario: Level Up!, I could only shake my head in disappointment. Granted, I haven’t read the rules, but from what I gather from the promotional material it looks pretty dang bad.

It sounds like players try to arrange various characters from the Mario universe in a particular order, using a voting mechanic and special power cards. Ah yes, it’s reminiscent of that classic Super Mario World level where you look at a line of the Koopa Kids and vote to tell Ludwig to move forward one spot.

This is being produced by USAopoly, a company best known for taking a hundred-year-old design, pasting different graphics on it, and calling each iteration new. It’s not surprising it could take this random thing and plop some Mario characters on it. It’s technically a Mario board game now!

Super Mario: Level Up! is releasing in the United States and Canada for $20.

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