This Nintendo site tracks your most-played Switch games of 2019


Your own personal year-in-review

What did you get up to in 2019? It’s that time of year where people – and even their apps – are feeling nostalgic. Nintendo has a neat little year-in-review website that’ll recount your gaming adventures.

The site covers your first-ever Nintendo Switch game (remember Super Bomberman R?), your most-played games of 2019, the total number of hours you’ve spent gaming, the total number of games you’ve played, the days with the highest playtime, and how many My Nintendo Gold Points you earned. There are also “flashback” moments to remind you of games that might’ve faded out of memory.

My total playtime was lower than expected – “just” 232 hours for the year, which I’m sure some of you are going to soar past – but I was surprised to see Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 pop up in my most-played list. DLC aside, it’s easy to forget that game exists. I played it obsessively, then I quit, never to return.

When you get a chance, head over to the site and report back with anything that jumps out.