This Nintendo Switch UI mockup shows what the future could bring


We need some signs of life in the eShop app

With “20-30 indies a week” coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop, the first thing that came to my mind was — man the eShop UI needs an overhaul. It’s already cluttered before the great fabled flood that Nintendo executives want, and other than a new nips and tucks it hasn’t been updated throughout the entire lifetime of the console.

This mockup from Twitter user NGameTheCube is an interesting foundation. While some may call it busy or compare it to PS4 (and hand wave the “achievement” section), I really dig the heavy social features involved and the resurrection of the beloved Miiverse. The thing is the design is still very Nintendo-centric while keeping it inline with its competitors. Oh, and that subtle GameCube Virtual Console is lovely. It’s the extras that excite me really — the features Nintendo could eventually bring to the Switch like expanded VC and the glorious return of the Miiverse.

The current stock main menu on Switch is actually fine for me. I dig the minimalist feel of it. I just wish the eShop, a place you go to for information on stuff you’re plunking down money on, was a bit more advanced. It could use a tuneup like the one this artist is proposing.

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