This perpetual Motes of Light technique for Destiny is pretty rad


Level your blues

Destinyhas had a few major shakeups in terms of its mechanics recently, one of which is the way Motes of Light work. Now, they can be consumed to level up your gear (some players still don’t know this). This individual has figured out a way to game the system so to speak to provide more Motes than you’ll ever need, while improving your gear in the process.

You’ll want to read up on all of the details so you can fully grasp the concept, but the gist is that when you find blues in the wild, don’t just break them down right away. Instead, equip yourself with as many trash blues as possible, use Motes of Light to level them up, and thentrash them after they’ve reached a certain point. Then, you’ll obtain Motes of Light from the leveled gear, which can in turn be used on more blues.

This process is significant because you can in theory equip your Guardian with half blues, half purples or Exotics, then level up the trash to score more Motes while you power up your good gear. Yesterday’s patch reduced its efficacy a bit, but the fact remains, if you need to level gear and are using Motes, it’s best to equip some blues in slots you don’t need first.

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