This Pikmin 3 Deluxe video will get you up to speed with cute illustrations


The Switch version will be a great entry point to the series

Nintendo of Japan released a new gameplay overview video for Pikmin 3 Deluxe this week, and while it’s not the most substantial update for folks who have played the original version on Wii U (another exclusive bites the dust), if for no other reason, you should watch it to see some super cute illustrations.

I wasn’t so sure I’d want to pay sixty bucks for Pikmin 3 again with the Deluxe version on Nintendo Switch, but the closer we get to its October 30 launch, the more this double-dip feels inevitable.

Even if the price stings, the inclusion of two-player co-op in the main story mode and not having to unpack my Wii U to revisit this game means I’ll probably get it on Switch – and knowing how much I love Pikmin and how much Nintendo hates putting its games on sale, I’ll probably show up day one.

I can’t be helped. I’m that much of a sucker for split-screen co-op games.