This player just one-hit KOed one of the toughest Dark Souls III bosses


Spoilers, sort of

After three playthroughs I’m fairly comfortable in crowning Dark Souls IIIas the easiest game in the series, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tougher than most action titles currently on the market.

There were several zones and boss fights (mostly zones this time) that I struggled with, and one of them was Pontiff Sulyvahn, which I encountered a little too early for my own good. YouTuber neptunusequester on the other hand, figured out a way to stomp him into oblivion in one shot, in what they call the “1HKO” (one hit KO) challenge.

In essence, they buff the hell out of their character, who’s using a massively powerful two-handed weapon (Yhorm’s Great Machete), then riposte the boss. Doing huge riposte damage is a Soulsstaple for boss runs, but the way it’s done here, presumably with tons of homework and number crunching in preparation, is impressive.