This quick Ring Fit Nintendo quiz is a fun thing to do before the weekend


I’m glad this game still lives on

Ready for a Ring Fit Nintendo quiz? It’s short, and reminds us that someone up there is thinking of Ring Fit Adventure.

This roughly minute-and-a-half video is actually a really fun way to kick the weekend off. Nintendo will run you through a quick clip of the game, then ask you to remember one specific thing. In other words, if there were five enemies on screen, or what a certain piece of text says: kind of like that Mario Party “memory” minigame.

But the real story here is that Ring Fit is still in the collective consciousness of Nintendo. They’re so quick to move on with their IP and never speak of them again, but with Ring Fit, not only has it been cycled through various news outlets in the last year and a half, but Nintendo occasionally trots it out and asks us to remember it. It even got Smash spirits!

Nintendo IPs are generally make-or-break, but Ring Fit is in a sweet spot where someone out there up top cares about it. While it’s wild that we haven’t gotten a major expansion yet (should have done it while the iron was hot!), I hope a sequel is happening at some point, and we can use the same equipment.

The Ring Fit Nintendo quiz: