This Sakura Wars Nendoroid is just too cute for words


This is my BROOMSTICK!

If you’re a fan of new Sakura Wars hero, Sakura Amamiya, but found Volks’ $700 doll just a little on the pricey side, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the Flower Division’s trademark klutz is to be immortalised in Good Smile Co’s Nendoroid range.

The Sakura Amamiya Nendo showcases the aspiring actor and part-time demon slayer in her traditional kimono garb, complete with a choice of cheerful and “had enough of your shit” faceplates. Standing a dinky four inches in height, Sakura comes packaged with several cute accessories, including her trusty broomstick, her mother’s Imperial Blade, and a novel front plate replicating a typical Sakura Wars dialogue box.

If you’d like to pick up this heart-melting figurine for yourself, then pre-orders are open right now at the Good Smile Co. website, ahead of her December 2020 release date. Sakura Amamiya costs ¥4,727, (roughly $45 USD), not including shipping or any potential customs charges. Now… Where’s Hatsuho?

Sakura Wars is available now exclusively on PS4.