This Surgeon Simulator teaser trailer features a 'switch'


Nurse, hand me the Joy-Con…

Bossa Studio Games have released a short new trailer teasing a Nintendo Switch release for their comically gory physics game, Surgeon Simulator.

The video, with opens with the announcement of “Bone-Shattering News” features the shaky handed action of the player protagonist as they proceed to clumsily knock an array of item off of a shelf, before attempting – and finally succeeding – in activating a “switch.”

Surgeon Simulator, which launched back in 2013, will be no unknown quantity to most video game fans, players attempt a series of complex and difficult operations within a hyper-sensitive movement engine, requiring precise movement and dexterity in order to not to the whole theatre into a remake of Argento’s Suspiria.

Already available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices, there are no details as of yet as to when Surgeon Simulator will make its messy debut on Nintendo Switch, with the trailer only offering that it is “coming soon,” but that at least gives budding surgeons more time to get their caffeine-addled shakes under control.