This ultra-adorable Apex Legends Lifeline Nendoroid is now available to pre-order


Can’t you see I’m burning… burning..?

If you are a fan of Apex Legends‘ support specialist Ajay Chae, better known as “Lifeline,” then this new Nendoroid from the good folk at Good Smile Co. would make a perfect gift for yourself – or the Lifeline lover in your vicinity.

This super-cute realization of the double-tough combat medic stands just under four inches tall and comes bundled with a selection of dinky accessories. These include her a healthful syringe and her trusty D.O.C. droid, as well as her less-than-healthy Shock Sticks and a rapid-fire SMG. Additionally, Lifeline is packed with alternate arms and legs, as well as a clear stand for dynamic posing. Surprisingly, Lifeline only has one faceplate, which makes her unnervingly cheerful as she lets rip with the SMG.

If you want to add Lifeline to your shelf, then pre-orders are now open on the official Good Smile Co. website. Lifeline will retail for a typical $59 USD, not including shipping or any potential customs charges. Pre-orders close on January 6, with Lifeline expected to ship in the summer of 2021.