This War of Mine board game Kickstarter surpasses its goal


With plenty of time to spare

The Kickstarter for a tabletop version of This War of Mine has already made its goal and then some, with 20 days left to go. Looks like people are excited for more shivering in the dark, starving for food, and hiding from soldiers. At the time of this post, the Kickstarter has made over £60,000 (that’s in the ballpark of $86,000), already pushing the campaign deep into stretch goal territory, unlocking extra miniatures and a reversible map for a separate scenario.

I’m a huge fan of the recent rush of board games based on video games, and I think This War of Mine will fit the format better than most. The emphasis on resource management, worker placement, and making calculated risks seems like a natural fit for the table top. Kind of like Agricola, except instead of breeding sheep, you sharpen shivs and rob your neighbors.