This week is your chance to try Quake Champions


An open ‘tech test’ begins on Friday

Quake Champions has been off doing its thing with a closed beta test. Maybe you signed up. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you wanted to, but you tend to have terrible luck getting accepted for these sorts of things, so you didn’t even bother. This week is your week (if you’re still interested).

id Software is planning a “large-scale tech test” that will run from May 12 through May 21 with access to all existing Champions and maps, and also a new four-on-four mode called Sacrifice.

“If you signed up for the Quake Champions Closed Beta, you WILL receive an invite before this weekend’s test,” according to the studio. Better yet, the technical test will be playable “24/7,” with none of the usual weekend-only restrictions. Quake is such a known quantity, but Champions is trying some new things, and that makes this a particularly good candidate for pre-release previewing.

Quake Champions – Large-Scale Tech Test & Sacrifice Mode Coming Soon [Bethesda]