This week's Grounded patch will make resources respawn again


Including Mushroom Gardens, Dew Collectors, and Acorns

Since we checked in with Grounded, Obsidian has been busy. Before we wage a war on bees and try not to cower at the sight of a gargantuan koi fish darting around the pond, the studio has another patch this week – version 0.1.2 – to address a pesky issue with certain resources not appearing like they should.

Specifically, “Mushroom Gardens, Dew Collectors, Acorns, and other resources” weren’t “respawning after their initial spawns” in some instances. Considering they’re used to help top up your teen’s hunger and thirst meters – and those meters can quickly dwindle if you’re not vigilant – that’s a big deal.

Building off a prior Grounded update that stopped infinite larva swarms from coming to destroy players’ bases, this week’s patch will actively remove “excess larva from games that still had large numbers of larva” roaming the land. Other than that, expect fixes for crashes and other frustrating loose ends.

As for content updates, Obsidian plans to have a monthly update schedule starting August 27. I’ve been looking for excuses to drop other games and get back to my miniaturized backyard adventures.

Major Issues

  • Better handling of dismissing profile selection at the Main Menu on Xbox One and Windows 10 Store versions which will help prevent saved games from going missing for players on the Xbox console and Windows 10 store.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had the “Kill Mosquito” quest prior to the patch 0.1.1 release where it wasn’t removed properly and would crash if you killed a creature while that quest was active.
  • Fixed crash with approaching a base with traps that have an insect being damaged by one when the player arrives.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause random crashes with juice drop combining when approaching them.


  • We cleared out excess larva from games that still had large numbers of larva in their game from the infinite larva respawn issue prior to patch 0.1.1.
  • Fixed the “Drop All” function not properly splitting items.

Items, Equipment, Resources

  • Resolved an issue with Mushroom Gardens, Dew Collectors, Acorns, and other resources not respawning after their initial spawns.
  • Reverting the change, for now, to lock containers to one player at a time since it was causing containers to stay permanently locked occasionally
  • Fixed an issue with Slime Mold Sconces not turning back on after loading back into a game.


  • Removed “Customize Marker” from the Loot Backpack UI that was causing crashes if used (was not supposed to be available on that screen)

Patch 0.1.2 will be Released Soon [Obsidian]