This week's Humble Bundle features bigSavings on tinyBuild games


We’ve got time to explain

Indie developer and publisher tinyBuild is the subject of the newest Humble Bundle, as it brings a good number of its quirky but often-overlooked games to the bargain bin. There are 11 titles available across four price tiers. Let’s get into it.

At the “Pay what you want” (but a minimum of $1) level, buyers will Divide by Sheep, Road to Ballhalla, the remaster of No Time to Explain, and Speedrunners. For those willing to chip in more than the minimum (which is $7.11 at time of writing), that’ll add Party Hard, The Final Station, ClusterTruck, Early Access title Guts and Glory, and the deluxe edition of Punch Club.

The solid stream of games slows down a bit at the $15 level, as that adds Final Stationadd-on The Only Traitorand Early Access title Streets of Rogue. The last tier is a hefty bump; for $40, you get everything else and a Hello Neighbor pre-order. Hello Neighborcurrently sells for $30.

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