This week's Xbox Live deals take you out to the ballgame and racetrack


Everyone, please focus your attention on Burnout Paradise

Just in time for the start of the Fall Classic (Go Royals!), Microsoft has slashed prices on Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of R.B.I. Baseball ’14, discounting both down to $9.99. With all that saved money, you could buy a ticket to a doubleheader, and still have some left over for peanuts AND Cracker Jacks.

America’s favorite pastime isn’t the only sport that’s being highlighted. All sorts of racing games are on sale, including the Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass($29.99), Burnout Paradise($5.09), Need for Speed: Most Wanted($19.99), and a whole lot more. If you pick any of these up, here’s some advice that you should heed.

Rounding out the deals are some Dragon Ball Ztitles, and Darksiders(which will perfectly complement the free Darksiders IIthat’s on Games with Gold right now).The comprehensive list of this week’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 savings can be found here.

This Week’s Deals with Gold [Major Nelson]