This year's DICE Summit will feature a game dev Quake tournament


Including everyone’s favorite Gearbox employee

The DICE Summit is an annual get-together for game developers to discuss ideas for new games and emerging technology within the industry. While it doesn’t hold much for the mainstream gaming public, it looks like the executives in charge of organizing the event have decided to shake things up for 2017. This year, a one-on-one Quake tournament will be held and streamed at the convention for all to see.

The contestants include a lot of game industry professionals with the likes of Sean Dunn, Ted Price, Tim Willits, and Randy Pitchford participating. There doesn’t seem to be any prize, just a chance to see developers at play (and possibly a smug sense of superiority when they suck). I’m pretty sure Tim Willits would win, seeing as how he works for the company that created Quake. The full lineup is as follows:

  • Sean Dunn (Sparkypants) vs. Shekhar Dhupelia (Wargaming)
  • Feargus Urquhart (Obsidian Entertainment) vs. Patrick Hudson (Robot Entertainment)
  • Randy Pitchford (Gearbox Software) vs. Leo Olebe (Facebook)
  • Ted Price (Insomniac Games) vs. David Wood (Bandai Namco)
  • Min Kim (Bonfire Studios) vs. Sheloman Byrd (Tencent)
  • Kate Edwards (IGDA) vs. Tim Willits (id Software)
  • Niccolo Maisto (FaceIt) vs. Matt Firor (ZeniMax Online)
  • Jeffrey Kaplan (Blizzard) vs. Steve Ellmore (Disbelief)

The tournament is going to be held this Wednesday, February 22, at 10:50 AM PST. It will continue until February 23 when there will be a semi-final and then grand finale at 3:15 PM PST. If you’re looking to watch the action, you can check out FaceIt’s Twitch page. The tournament bracket and results will also be listed on the official DICE FaceIt website.

Randy Pitchford, Jeff Kaplan, and other devs will face off in a 16-player Quake tourney [PC Gamer]