This Yoshi's New Island trailer just makes me sad


Coming up with positives is a struggle

I had thought that, with time, I’d come to accept — or at least not outright despise — the art direction of Yoshi’s New Island. That’s looking like a lost cause. Granted, the game doesn’t hit 3DS until March 14, and supposedly “different worlds feature a variety of art styles, including oil, watercolor and crayon.” Regardless, it’s not merely the art that’s off here.

The music in this trailer isn’t doing much for me either and Yoshi’s vehicular transformations look to be the opposite of fun. I’m hoping the gyro controls are optional but that functionality is touted as a feature on the game’s website, so who knows.

While it’s my intention to avoid judging too harshly without hands-on time, that’s proven impossible for me — I adore Yoshi’s Island too much. At least there’s still Yoshi’s Epic Yarn.