Tiger Electronics handhelds are alive and well in 2020


Nostalgic stocking-stuffers

Did you ever have one of those old Tiger Electronics LCD handheld games?

I did! I don’t know where it came from (a garage sale?), or where it went (another garage sale?), but I had the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 LCD game. It’s something I haven’t thought about in years, but it’s suddenly relevant again. Hasbro is bringing a few of the Tiger handhelds back in 2020 for nostalgia’s sake.

The Tiger handhelds will cost $14.99 this fall, and they’re currently up for pre-order at GameStop.

I wouldn’t necessarily buy one – they were short-lived thrills, even back in the day – but I still appreciate their iconic background art. I asked Chris if he ever owned one, and he came back with a whole list of games that triggered long-lost memories. I forgot just how pervasive these things were!

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